Commercial Grade Vinyl Privacy Fences

These fence styles are some new items we have been marketing from a local wholesaler.  They are wind certified up to 130 mph.  They are backed by a transferable lifetime warranty and are really sharp.  What I like the most about them is they are available in

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Landscape Design in Winter with Salient Landscaping

Winter Landscape Design sounds like something you would do in Antarctica but it’s actually the way the smarter folks plan their spring projects  A $50k plus landscape design and installation can take months to complete, and several weeks to months to plan and stage. If you have landscape

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The 5th Driest June in Ann Arbor – 2016

The average rainfall in Ann Arbor in the month of June is 37.55 inches.  We had 3.66 inches of rain in June this year.  Do the math people. The soil is dry.  Our plants are struggling.  The grass is brown.  Our water bills are high as hell.

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What if we have an early spring?

It has been one of the weirdest winters of my life this year.  Almost no snow, record high temperatures, and what seems to be probably an early spring.  I found myself asking “is there anything I can do to get a jump on spring?” Start your spring

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$299 Landscaping Evaluation and Plans right now on Angie’s List!

Are you finishing up a new construction project?  Perhaps you live in a house that is not landscaped to your liking or needs some level of repair?  Most people that need landscaping done know it’s not cheap to have the work done, but what many folks don’t realize is

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Need a loader? Check out this one from China that we are auditioning at our facility in 2015! The Werx 1.8!

Every year, when we change from Landscaping service to Snow Removal service, we buy and sell equipment, rally our employees, organize, and SPEND A TON OF MONEY to prepare.  One of the larger ticket items we have to buy is front end loader tractors.  We use them to

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How is your property drainage?

With a record setting wet summer in lower Michigan, we are getting more calls than ever about drainage problems.  Often, drainage is overlooked in the final phases of building a structure.  If the pitch on your property is not away from your house, any foundation issues will

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It’s SPRING in the mitten!!

It’s early spring in Michigan and the ground is just warm enough to break with a spade, but still a little wet in some areas.  If you are lucky enough to have good drainage, you can get a jump on planting now!  PLEASE NOTE:  Some risk is

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Pull it together. Winter is coming and you don’t have a snow contract.

I hate to say I told you so but….I told you so.  Ok so i don’t hate to say it.  i love to say it.  I don’t understand why I have instincts about the weather but I just do.  So we had a gnarly winter last year

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What will you plant this summer?

The summer just came out of NOWHERE this year…one day we were all bundled up by the fire and the next, we were sunning ourselves on the back patio in 87 degree heat!  I am never surprised by the weather in Michigan; or the wide, fast changes

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