Hard Surface Weed Control

Hard Surface Weed Control - Salient LandscapingThe older properties are especially susceptible to vegetation and weed growth at every junction between building and soil.  Over time, relief cuts in concrete will flex and crack.  Eventually grass and or weeds will grow.

A lot of people don’t realize this but the best way to control hard surface weeds is not only with a non-selective weed control like “Roundup” but also with a broadleaf 3-way weed control in the mixture.  We find the combination to be much more effective across the entire spectrum of weeds and grasses.  We also have access to soil sterilant products for the security fence-line treatments that municipalities, airports, prisons, and railroad operations specify in their RFQ’s.

Combining our hard surface weed control program with a core landscape maintenance program can eliminate these weeds from site altogether by then removing them once they are clearly dead from the treatment.