Are you finishing up a new construction project?  Perhaps you live in a house that is not landscaped to your liking or needs some level of repair?  Most people that need landscaping done know it’s not cheap to have the work done, but what many folks don’t realize is the consultation and planning of your project is the single most overlooked part of the project; and easily is the most important.

Right now on Angie’s List, you can get up to three (3) hours with a professional landscape designer, and a scaled, detailed drawing of your design for only $299.00.  Click here for details!

Once you purchase….our designer will contact you within 48 hours to schedule a meeting.  Now is a perfect time for this as we will have all winter to plan your project!  Once you meet, he will tour the site with you and come up with a list of ideas, as well as put together a footprint of your property.  You can speed this process up by having a mortgage survey or plot plan ready for him.

Next, he will come up with a budget study detailing a rough idea of what the project costs.  Once you determine the budget of the project, the design process begins!  The designer will then draw your project to scale and send to you for review!


Once you approve the drawing…and it may take a few revisions (all included in the $299) we will have a roadmap and a plan to complete the project as well as a timeline and schedule date!  If you choose to use Salient Landscaping to complete your project (which you should because we are the best around) the $299 will be credited to you at the end of the project and you will have a beautifully finished outdoor space!

WAHLAH!  Landscape-Design-55d3e4a7ce564-denver-landscape-design-patio