Commercial Services

Whether you are redesigning the entrance of your apartment complex, need to clean up a new investment property, or just need mowing and snow removal service, look no further: Salient Landscaping’s commercial services department will take it from here.

Salient Landscaping knows that correct mowing, watering, and fertilization practices assure strong, healthy, manicured turfgrass. This by-in-large increases the aesthetic beauty of your investment, as well as the value of your property. The way your entranceway or signage appears can be greatly improved with a well-designed, smart landscape.  This can also be the difference between 85% and 100% occupancy.

A diverse list of clients rely on us for their lawn and landscape maintenance needs: residential customers, condominium complexes, industrial sites, business parks, apartments, shopping centers, school systems, hotels, cemeteries, municipal properties, athletic fields, and entertainment venues.

We will tailor a program that fits your needs for your specific property and budget.  You can be fully involved in the entire process with text alerts and updates – all the way to completely hands-off with our teams handling everything behind the scenes.

Salient provides intensive landscape and lawn services for your specific needs to create and maintain a well-manicured landscape for your property.