Gardening and Weeding

Gardening and Weeding - Salient Landscaping

Salient Landscaping got its start in the gardening and weeding business. We believe that it’s important to work with experts whenever possible. When it comes to weeding, manicuring plants, disease and insect identification, treatment, and even basic dead-heading of your roses and annuals, you want someone that knows the difference between a weed and a perennial making those decisions.

Staying on top of your gardening service will make your property look lush, manicured, and will achieve amazing curb appeal. With botanists, master gardeners, and landscape specialists running our gardening crews, you can rest easy knowing the details are handled.

We can structure contract based on an annual contract price, or we can bill you hourly each time we visit your property. We know every customer is different and has their own preferences. The most important part of getting new customers and keeping your long-term ones is in the details. Don’t let your property get away from you with weedy beds!