Commercial Snow Removal

Understanding each client’s commercial snow removal needs is our business, and that’s what makes Salient Landscaping southeastern Michigan’s authority on winter services.

We carefully inspect every site after snow removal operations to make sure they are perfect, and if they are not, we will return to touch-up so your property is safe. Getting the job done right the first time is our motto. Snow removal is the most important part of outdoor maintenance in this part of the country, with no room for mistakes.

We design a specific plan for each site to ensure the quickest and most efficient point of action during snow emergencies. By watching weather patterns, using satellite forecasting, and state-of-the-art equipment, our professional crews are able to clear snow without disrupting your business, or your life.

Salient provides the quickest responding crews, and the most thorough service available. We offer different agreements including turn-key contracts and per service agreements to fit your needs. We use cutting edge ice melting products that melt ice with little damage to concrete or landscape, so you can have the peace of mind you need for the winter months.

Pedestrian Snow Removal

Your snow removal service is only as good as your sidewalk and pedestrian walkway snow removal service. Your parking lots and drive lanes can be clean and de-iced, but if your sidewalks and pedestrian walkways are not 100% clean from edge to edge and thoroughly de-iced, the complaints will pour in.

Nobody wants to have a slip and fall claim on their insurance policy. After a decade of experience, Salient has adjusted our scope of work to be laser focused on thorough, quality sidewalk snow removal service. The old standard scope of work for sidewalks: trigger depth of 1.5″ for sidewalk shoveling and de-ice when slippery conditions occur. The Salient standard scope of work for sidewalks: we will shovel and scrape 100% of the time from a trace of snow to however many inches or feet Mother Nature throws at us. Once the sidewalks are clean from edge to edge, we will apply a balanced rate of ice melt to clean any residue and to burn off any additional light snow that might fall between visits.

This increased scope does mean an increased price for pedestrian snow removal. However, we guarantee you will be happy to spend the extra money when your customers and employees use the walks on your site. Since we have made these changes in 2012, our slip and fall claims have diminished, our overall snow complaints are almost non-existent, and our customer retention rates are more than 90%.