Fall Cleanup

Removing leaves and debris from your property not only makes it look great going into the winter, but it preserves the health of your plants and maintains the soil pH that our lawn specialists work so hard to achieve. This insures that your lawn will have every advantage in the spring to green up and draw in new customers and keep your existing tenants or customers happy year-round.

Some properties have more than just leaves and debris to pickup in the fall. Getting inside your landscape beds and cutting back perennials, roses, and removing flowers from plants to prepare them for winter gives you an advantage over your competitors. Grasses, lily, and hosta are much fuller, more vibrant, and greener in the spring when their winter dieback growth is not in the way of the sun, air, water, and nutrients.

Depending on what kinds of trees you may have on your property, you may need multiple fall cleanups. Salient Landscaping typically begins fall cleanups in the month of November and wraps them up before the snow flies. Certain trees like oak can hold their leaves until deep into the winter. In those cases, an atypical warm Michigan winter day can, in some cases, allow for a January or February pickup of these pesky fall stragglers.