Every year, when we change from Landscaping service to Snow Removal service, we buy and sell equipment, rally our employees, organize, and SPEND A TON OF MONEY to prepare.  One of the larger ticket items we have to buy is front end loader tractors.  We use them to load our trucks with salt, and to push mass quantities of snow for our larger client’s sites.  A typical 1.5 yard machine brand new with a fancy name like “John Deere” or “Komatsu” comes with a list price of $120,000 and a used price of $64,000 if you are lucky like this 244J Loader from John Deere

Our friend Jess Spike jess@werxequipment.com owns a farm in Chelsea and is often buying equipment to run and expand his business as well.  He found a manufacturer in China that makes a similar machine for around $36-$50k BRAND NEW depending on whether you want the 1 yard or 2 yard machine!  We picked on up a year ago and never looked back!  Check out the video on the WerxEquipment.com website (youtube video below!)