Shrub Trimming

Watch as the experts at Salient Landscaping trim and shape the plants on your site into their perfect size and shape. Depending on the age of a landscape, a property manager may want shrubs and trees pruned and trimmed to their textbook shape and size, or aggressively cut below windows so tenants can see out. Our specialists can make it happen. Let Salient get your trees and shrubs into working order this season.

We recommend a light trimming of 1/3 of the new growth on shrubs twice per year with the initial trimming in the early summer (late May, early June) and the second one six-to-eight weeks later. If you want a more high-end look, an initial trimming in the early spring (April) would be added into the typical prune-and-trim schedule.

While some trees are included in this service, this service only applies to trees and shrubs up to eight feet tall. For mature tree trimming and pruning, once per year should be sufficient unless you have a lot of ornamentals like Crabapple and Weeping Cherry.