Beautiful Dutch tulips at one of Salient’s sites this year

The summer just came out of NOWHERE this year…one day we were all bundled up by the fire and the next, we were sunning ourselves on the back patio in 87 degree heat!  I am never surprised by the weather in Michigan; or the wide, fast changes from one season to the next.  It keeps life interesting for sure.

As we prepare our sites for their annual flower displays, we have to ask our clients, “what’s the mood this year?”   I have heard an overwhelming call for curb appeal and “pop” this year more than any other year.  How do you do this and maintain it?


It all starts with bed preparation.  Is your bed well drained?  When is the last time you added compost or manure to your bed?  Do you have time in the heat of the summer to keep your bed watered or will you be up north?  I spend a few bucks every year and add compost to my beds before planting and my displays are off the HOOK because of it.  The other trick is using a 100% slow release granular fertilizer about a week after you plant, and then again in three weeks.  Water every day, and by the 4th of July, your display will be the talk of the town!