I hate to say I told you so but….I told you so.  Ok so i don’t hate to say it.  i love to say it.  I don’t understand why I have instincts about the weather but I just do.  So we had a gnarly winter last year and I warned you about it but some of you still took a gamble and went at it with a per push contract.  I hope you are proud of yourself.


Now that we can all take a step back, please consider a seasonal contract.  Some companies don’t offer them, but those of us that understand that firms have and need budgets, and that they need something upon which they can base their finaces DEMAND seasonal contracts.


If you don’t know what i am talking about, seasonal contracts are flat rate $X per month contracts that will handle your snow no matter how any times we get hit and no matter how many times it gets icy.  I highly recommend them and my clients swear by them.  If you are interested and are within our network (30 ile radius of 48197 zip code) please reach out and we will be happy to get you a quote! sales@salientlndscaping.com o 734337-3261


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