I don’t care what anybody says I am switching gears!  It’s time to start thinking about spring.  If you are a business, you should be writing or have written your budget for the year and right under that little line item for snow removal service, there should be one called Landscaping.  That’s where we come in.

If you haven’t started planning for spring, you should start today.  We are already talking to our suppliers about Pansies and are planning tours of their greenhouses soon to see what kind of good stuff they have in store for us.  If you haven’t done pansies yet, this would be the year to think about them.  Pansies are a hardy spring flower that can stand up to early spring frost.  They are technically a perennial…like mums…I know my competitors are probably scoffing but OH WELL.  Scoff all you want!  😛  It’s my job to bring the truth to the do-it-yourselfers and the let-Salient-do-iters alike.  I obviously want all of everyone’s business but I am also realistic and LOVE to talk about plants, soil fertility, lawn care, and other fun landscapey things.

I just like them because after five months of winter…even if it IS mild and not snowy, it’s still gloomy, grey Michigan.  That sudden splash of color out of nowhere is so refreshing when we are so used to seeing nothing but grey and we can plant them sometimes as soon as late March!  I plan on taking lots of photos when I go to the greenhouse so look here for updates soon!